Best Dark Sky Locations in Colorado

Colorado is a state known for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes, from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the rolling plains of the eastern prairies. But did you know that Colorado is also home to some of the best dark sky locations in the country? These are places where the night sky is free from … Read more

Bortle Scale: How Light Pollution Affects Your Astro Pics

The Bortle Scale, a nine-level numeric scale, quantifies the visibility of celestial objects in the night sky impacted by light pollution. It’s a fundamental tool in astrophotography, allowing us to gauge the quality of a night sky and plan our shoots accordingly. This blog post delves into how the Bortle Scale influences your astrophotography and … Read more

The Best Dark Sky Locations in the UK

Do you love stargazing and want to find the best places to see the stars in the UK? If so, you are in luck. The UK has some of the most stunning dark sky locations in the world, where you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky without light pollution. Whether you want to see the Milky Way, the planets, the constellations or even the Northern Lights, there is a dark sky location for you.